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How to check the number of awards I have given to my direct team members over a period of time?
Dalim Bhattarai
Dalim Bhattarai
Updated On 2024-02-26

The Manager Dashboard provides you with insights about the team awards (both monetary and non-monetary) you have given to your team; follow the steps below to view the recognition activity:

  • Visit the Vantage Rewards Homepage; within the Feed tab, find and click “Insights” on the left panel of the window. 
  • In the subsequent window, scroll down to the Recognition Received section.

This section consists of a double bar chart that shows the number of recognitions received by your team from you and others in the selected time frame. This will help you to compare how you’re recognizing your direct team as compared to others in the organization. 

Clicking on ‘view more’ shows a table with the count of awards received by your direct team in the previous 12 months. The bifurcation of monetary awards and non-monetary awards can be seen on hovering over a particular count.

*Please note that the timeline is not dependent on the time filter.

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