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Where can I approve award nominations & check the award nomination approval status?
Dalim Bhattarai
Dalim Bhattarai
Updated On 2024-02-28

You can approve award nominations only if you’re designated as an approver. 

Follow these steps to approve nominations. 

  • Visit the Vantage Rewards Homepage, locate and click the “To-Do List” conveniently positioned in the left panel within the Feed tab. 

To View Your Approvals: 

  • Click on the “My Approval” option to enter the section for managing award nominations. Review your previously approved, declined, or pending nominations within this space. 

To approve an award Nomination:

  • Click on the “Pending Approvals” section; all pending approvals will be listed here. 
  • Click the View link corresponding to any award nominations you wish to approve. In the subsequent window, click the Approve button to approve the nomination. 


  • Click on the tick mark next to the award nomination you want to approve. In the next window, click Approve to confirm.

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