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What are the different Challenges & Contests available?
Sneha Bhagabati
Sneha Bhagabati
Updated On 2024-06-18

You can run challenges that revolve around a single type of activity. You can also run challenges that have tasks of varying activities.  

The app accurately tracks steps and distance for single activity challenges. Here are the different supported formats of challenges. 

1. Race Challenge 

A wellness competition driven by a real-time leaderboard with no specific targets and a pure race to top the leaderboard. 

2. Streak Challenge 

A simple competition may end up being a boring race. Add some flavor to your challenge by setting a daily target. 

3. Journey Challenge  

Move globally and reach different milestones to earn reward points and badges with Vantage Fit’s Virtual Journey Challenge . 

4. Level Up challenge  

In this challenge format, participants are assigned a weekly target. Successfully meeting this target results in levelling up to the next challenge tier, each presenting progressively tougher tasks.  

5. E-Marathon 

A unique challenge format meant to simulate a virtual marathon simply considering 1000 steps as 1 km (1609 steps = 1 mile) with a finish line defined at a mile-marker of your choice. 

6. Custom challenge 

Custom challenges are those that can be tailored to include a set of activities according to the organization’s requirements. These can be multi-activity challenges that include loggable, trackable activities, as well as step challenges. 

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