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Where can I find the user participation analytics for a particular challenge?
Updated On 2022-03-22
  • Login to the Vantage Fit HR Dashboard with your Email Id and Password. 
  • Go to Vantage Fit on the Products Menu Bar, and select Reports.

     There are five sections under Reports, namely, Engagement, Activity, Health, Wellness & Transaction. 

  • All of these individual sections will give you detailed insight and reports about the engagement, activity levels, health, wellness, and record of employees in your organization.


Click on Vantage Fit > Configuration > Manage Challenges

Get a quick glance at the Ongoing and Upcoming Challenges in your organization, with details like:

          –  Challenge Name with their start and end dates

          –  User engagement with the number of active participants in the ongoing challenge 

           – Top performer in the challenge

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