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Where do I see the feedback of my employees?
Barasha Medhi
Barasha Medhi
Updated On 2022-03-22

Under the Feedback section, you can view the employee feedback that was gathered from the participants in the survey. Additional comments (or feedback) left by the participants during the survey can be viewed by you in this tab.

Here are the simple steps to navigate to the Feedback section:

1. Go to the left-side navigation bar on the Vantage Pulse Admin Dashboard and click on “Insights.” 

2. A list of options will appear under the Insights tab, such as Segments, Experience Cycle, Categories, Feedback, and Question Scores.
3. When you click on the Feedback option, you will be automatically redirected to the Feedback section.

Overview Of The Feedback Section

  • The screen will display the questions asked in the survey and the average score that the participants of the survey gave to every question. 
  • Below each question, you can see the department as well as the comment/feedback that a participant provided during the survey.
  • You can sort the feedback received according to Highlighted, Score, and Date by clicking on the Sort By button in the top right corner. Click on the button, and a dropdown should appear with the above-mentioned options. 
  • The Feedback feature is completely anonymous, so the privacy of every survey respondent is maintained. You can also use the “Conversation” feature to follow up anonymously on the feedback you’ve received.

Filter Comments

In the tab, the top right corner will show a button called Filter Comments. You can use this feature, to have a better understanding of the feedback received.

When you click on Filter Comments, a dropdown will appear, which will display three options- Comments, eNPS Category, and Round End Date. These three options have further sub-options.


The “Comments” option will have three further sub-options- All Comments, Engagement Comments, and Open-Ended Comments. 

eNPS Category

The “eNPS Category” option will have three further sub-options- Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Promoters are the participants giving good feedback. Passives are participants giving positive feedback. Detractors are participants giving negative feedback. 

Conversation Feature

  • The Conversation feature allows you to follow up anonymously on the feedback received. On the right side of each feedback comment, you will see the Conversation button. Click on that button and a chat screen should pop up.

In the popup screen, write the follow-up message in the “Write Reply Here” box and click on “Post.” Your reply will get delivered to the intended recipient.

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