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What are the privacy options of appreciation posts in Vantage Rewards?
Dalim Bhattarai
Dalim Bhattarai
Updated On 2024-04-12

Privacy Options for Appreciation Posts in Vantage Rewards: 

Vantage Circle provides three privacy options to tailor the visibility of posts in the social feed: 

1. Shared:  

   – All users can view the posts in their social feed. The appreciation is shared openly within the platform. 

2. Restricted:   

 – Posts are visible on the feed, but citation messages remain hidden. The full content is sent to the recipient via mail, maintaining privacy within the platform. 

3. Private: 

   – The recipient receives a notification via mail, but the post is not reflected in the general social feed. This option ensures a more private acknowledgment. 

These privacy options allow users to tailor the visibility of their appreciation posts based on their preferences and the nature of the acknowledgment. 

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