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What all tasks can be included in a custom challenge?
Updated On 2024-06-18

To create a custom challenge in Vantage Fit and include specific tasks, follow these steps: 

  • Open Vantage Fit admin dashboard and go to Configuration, then select “Manage Challenges”. 
  • Choose “Create a Challenge” and opt for “Custom Challenge.” 
  • Now, customize your challenge by simply dragging and dropping the activities according to your requirements. 

Here’s a list of tasks that you can include in your custom challenge: 

1. Step tracking  
2. Walking/Running  
3. Cycling  
4. Nutrition  
5. Water Intake  
6. Protein  
7. Heart Rate 
8. Weight Log 
9. Log Any Activity  
10. 7-Minute Workout  
11. Mood-o-Meter  
12. Yoga Session 
13. Squats Workout 
14. Meditation Session  
15. Book Reading  
16. Track Sleep  
17. Content Reading 
18. Health Vitals 

Tasks are categorized as loggable and trackable.They can be configured based on daily or weekly targets, with the option to incentivize at the task level. 

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