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What are the different contests & Challenges that I can run in the Vantage Fit Platform?
Updated On 2024-06-18

You can organize challenges focusing on a specific activity type or include tasks covering various activities. For challenges centered around a single activity, the app supports tracking metrics such as Steps and Distance accurately. Additionally, challenges without specific targets are available, offering a race-to-the-finish line format.  

Below are the different formats of challenges supported by the platform: 

  • Race Challenge: Engage in a real-time competition to see who can walk the most. 
  • Streak Challenge: Set daily targets for participants to maintain streaks of activity. 
  • Level Up Challenge: Participants embark on a weekly journey with progressively challenging targets. 
  • E-Marathon: Join a virtual marathon with distinctive challenges. 
  • Journey Challenge: Explore global destinations and achieve milestones to earn reward points. 
  • Custom challenge: Custom challenges are those that can be tailored to include a set of activities according to the organization’s requirements. These can be multi-activity challenges that include loggable, trackable activities, as well as step challenges. Click here to know more about custom challenges.
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