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Is it possible to send a pulse survey for a selected department/ division?
Barasha Medhi
Barasha Medhi
Updated On 2022-03-22

With Vantage Pulse, you can easily send pulse surveys to only certain chosen demographics. Subsequently, you can also exclude any specific demographic from receiving that survey. This feature enables you to target the reasons behind workplace issues to specific subgroups within your organization.

1. Navigate to the Vantage Pulse Admin Dashboard’s left sidebar and select Configuration. A drop-down menu will appear. Select “Create Survey” from the drop-down menu.

2. You will now be taken to the Create Survey page. Look at the left-side navigation bar and click on Frequency to get redirected to the Frequency section. After you’ve decided on the Frequency, click the Next Step button. You will automatically be redirected to the Target section.

3. In the Target section, you have the ability to set the target audience of the survey according to your requirements. 

  • You can choose your target audience by Including or Excluding specific groups from receiving and taking the survey.

Click on the Next Step button to proceed to the next part of the process. You will be automatically redirected to the Email Invitation section.

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