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How to check my Health Score with Vantage Fit?
Sneha Bhagabati
Sneha Bhagabati
Updated On 2024-06-14

The Vantage Fit Health Score offers a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s health, considering personal details such as height, weight, age, and lifestyle habits provided during the Vantage Fit app registration process.  

To check or update your Health Score: 

  • Open the Vantage Fit app and navigate to the home screen. 
  • Locate the profile section, specifically the ‘My Health’ area. 
  • Tap on the ‘My Health’ button, where your current score is displayed. 
  • Upon tapping, you will be prompted to input basic information like height, weight, waist size, and birth date. 
  • Additionally, provide relevant details about your health condition and lifestyle as requested by the app. 
  • Once you have completed all the required steps, click on the ‘Update Score’ button to finalize the process. 

After entering the necessary information, your updated Health Score will be presented.  

NOTE- It is important to note that Vantage Fit does not offer medical evaluation, diagnosis, or treatment for any medical issues. The information provided should not be considered a substitute for proper medical advice or treatment. 

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