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How to log in Water intake?
Sneha Bhagabati
Sneha Bhagabati
Updated On 2024-06-14

Tracking your daily water intake ensures that you are adequately hydrated throughout the day. This feature includes logging in every glass of water that you drink. 

Follow the instructions below to log your water intake:  

  • Tap on “+” in the home screen and click on the “Log water intake” button. 
  • Add your water intake and tap on “save changes”. 

Vantage Fit also allows users to set reminders for water intake during the day.  

Step 1. Navigate to the “My Health” section within the Vantage Fit application.  

    Step 2. Access the settings menu and proceed to the “Preferences” section.  

      Step 3. Within “Preferences,” choose “Reminder Settings” and activate the water reminder feature.  

        Step 4. Configure the water reminder based on your preferred timing and the specific days you wish to receive reminders. 

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