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How do I know whom and how many times I have recognized over a particular time period?
Dalim Bhattarai
Dalim Bhattarai
Updated On 2024-02-22

The Manager Dashboard can give you insights about when and how many times you have recognized your team members.

To access the Manager Dashboard, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the Vantage Rewards Homepage; within the Feed tab, find and click “Insights” on the left panel of the window.

There are several parameters for you to consider:


This shows a snapshot of all managerial recognition activity in the last 30 days. It has a percentage of team members you’ve recognized, along with recommendations on whom to recognize next.

Quick Insights:

These are flash cards that highlight:

  1. No. of recognitions you’ve done
  2. Your average response time for award approvals
  3. Total no. of team members recognized by you and others
  4. Average feed engagement score of your team
  5. Nominations you have processed (approved or declined)

Team View:

This section shows the list of the employees directly reporting to you. A color highlight represents the time you recognized them last.

  1. Red signifies that the employee has not been recognized by you at least for the past 90 days. 
  2. Orange signifies that the employee has been recognized by you within the past 30 to 90 days. 
  3. Green signifies that the employee has been recognized by you within the past 30 days.

Clicking on images of the team members will take you to the individual team member insights as well as their team’s (if applicable).

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